Insulated Panel Roof System


Insulated roof composite panels have been the most popular roof finish to most of modern day buildings and re-clad situations. Composite panels comprising of two skins of steel (or aluminum) but with rigid polyurethane insulation factory bonded to the steel faces eliminating the possibility of cold spots and interstitial condensation.

With its high performance, versatility, and speed of installation, the composite panel is widely regarded as a superior product to the built up system.

Composite panels are available in a varity of profiles. The kingspan range has a number of choices to suit all types by building design.



Single skin build-up System


Twin skin roofing and cladding systems are a popular form of construction consisting of an internal profiled metal liner sheet, a Galz metal spacer bar system and an external profiled metal Outer sheet.

The system is insulated using glass or mineral wool quilt or slab and is built up on site.



Flat Roof Systems

We have provided and fitted different types of flat roofs through associated contractors.

Flat roofs we have provided includes PVC membrane, torch on felts, Kingspan topdeck.




Insulated Gutters (Internal in Building)

This gutter can be made from a variety of materials for both weather side and internal finish. We can provide insulated gutters in almost any shape and in sections up to 8m in length and girths up to 1500mm. The most popular material used on the weather side of the gutter is membrane coated steels similar to those used for flat roofing. These membranes are bonded to a galvanised steel.
We can provide a verity of gauges and insulation thicknesses depending on specification


Hi-line Gutters (External to Building)

This gutter is made from double sided PVC material folded to custom shape

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