Steel Design & Detailling


We have been using the world leading detailling system "StruCad" since 2001, all our steel detailling is done in-house. StruCad is the best and most efficient computer detailing system available, producing automatic fabrication drawings, materials lists etc.

The Information that this package creates (cnc) is sent directly down to cutting and drilling line in workshop which is fully automated.

Since the implementation of StruM.I.S in 2003, the StruM.I.S system has helped us grow and meet increasing demand ensuring that key areas such as estimating, purchasing, stock management and production tracking and monitoring are managed efficiently with increased speed and accuracy.

With StruCad and StruM.I.S .NET we have the industries most advanced and complete solution for steelwork fabrication.



Steel Fabrication

We have a custom Build fabrication workshop, the workshop has been designed in one direction flow system
Steelwork comes from steel stock yard to Intake area of building the first process is the cutting and drilling. The steel is fed through a Peddinghaus Advantage PCD 1100. This is the latest development in the Peddinghaus range with its over 100years of history and development.

This Multi-Spindle CNC automated cut & drill Line is equipped with hydraulic spindles, Carbide Marking, and Rollerfeed measuring. The steel is then conveyor and cross fed down to Fabrication \ welding area, this is where fittings are tacked on. Steelwork is then welded to specification before going on to Paint Shop



Steel Surface Finish

We can provide the following finishes to steelwork

1. Shot blasting

2. Priming \ Painting

3. Galvanising

4. Intumecent Fire Protection Coatings




We have a range of delivery trucks to cater for different load lengths and weights. These options provides us with an unlimited ability and a cost effective delivery service.

  • Iveco - 3 tonne Capacity Pick-up   


  • Mercedes-benz Atego Ridgid Truck - This Truck has a capacity of 13.5 Tonnes and has been custom built with tail ramps for moving hoists and also has a 3.5\1 tonne remote controlled crane mounted for erection on smaller type steel structures   


  • Mercedes-benz Axcor 1835 Artic Truck - This Truck has a max capacity of 24 Tonnes loads depending which of our trailers is mounted. We have different length trailers to suit load going out




We have different teams of Erection crews with a vast amount of experience to tackle any type of a job in a safe and highly efficiency way.

All our crews are trained and certified with all necessary health and safety requirements.

We have a 25 tonne crane, and 6 No. various type's of elevating hoists (booms, scissors etc.) to suit the particular job.


Forde's are the Irish Distrubiters for Galebreaker Products

Design & Detailling